Monday, November 09, 2009

Count Your Blessings Monday!!

Here is an opportunity for all of us to give thanks unto the Lord for a blessing in our lives. If you would like to take part great. If not that is OK too. If you would like to share your blessing, just leave it in the comments. If you want to use the picture above and list a blessing on your own site, then leave a URL to your site in the comments. There is no pressure here. I just know that I am incredibly blessed and I would like to share that and give thanks to Him who all blessing come from. This is a way that we can encourage one another. I know that I am often encouraged when someone shares a blessing with me. I think that many times we forget that it is a blessing to be able to breath, to get out of bed, to hold a baby... Share your blessings with us. We can share so many other things.... special gifts, recipes, let's take the time to share how God has blessed us!!

Joshua has finished the wall. We just need to paint it now. He and Brittany came over Saturday night. He sanded the drywall and primed the wall. We will get it painted and put up a baseboard. We had some cold weather earlier last week. It was down into the upper 20's. We really noticed a difference in the warmth of the house with this wall up.

Here is a picture from when we first moved in. You can see doors with plexiglass on the other side of the table. Our table is not there anymore, but that is where the wall went.

Here you can see the new wall and the one set of doors that remains. That will always be an opening, so we will leave the doors up to keep the cold out.

Here is the wall now that it is primed.

I am also VERY grateful for the beautiful weather we are having. It has been in the upper 60's or low 70's for a couple of days and I think it is supposed to be that way for a couple more.

What are you thankful for?


Ladyfromthewoods said...

Good morning, Marci.
I am thankful that I can get up and work this morning. I was wishing I could crawl back into bed and get a couple more hours of sleep, but what a blessing to even be able to get up at all! Plus, I have coffee in the house to give me a little extra perk in the morning if I need it. And the Word to encourage me every morning. Instead of looking at what I can't do, my blessing is to look at all I CAN do through the Lord who strengthens me. The joy of the Lord is my strength on these days when I am reminded that I am weak flesh.
Have a wonderful day!!!

Peggy said...

It looks wonderful! Today I am thankful for memories. Have a blessed day