Friday, November 20, 2009

Racing goats, turkeys and other stuff....

Today the weather is cloudy and the high is around 49 degrees. I have a fire going, so the house is plenty warm. I have not had much to take pictures of lately. I guess the pictures are often what prompts me to blog. :)

Yesterday I was talking with my sweet mother-in-law. We were basically done, and I happened to look out the window and there was something large and brown out there. I looked to see if Star was inside with me.. she was. It was a goat. I told my
mother-in-law that there was a goat in my yard and I did not own goats. Then I saw a second goat. I told her I would have to go. :) When I saw the first goat, I thought it might be from across the way. Joshua recently told me about a goat that lives over there. Joshua went out on a run. When he went by the farm where this goat lives, it came out and joined him. He said it was crazy, this goat just ran along beside him. Sometimes it would try to get in front of him. Other times it lagged behind and he would tell it to come on and it would put on a burst of speed and catch up. He ran pretty far (maybe about a mile) and the goat tired out. He called Brittany and she came with the truck. Joshua put the goat in the back of the truck and got in to hold it. They took it home. The gate was open, so they put it in the pasture and closed the gate. :) When I saw the second goat, I knew they were the Wonderful Neighbor's because the racing goat is the only goat over there. I love to call the WN and report an animal out because it is rare I get to do that. They on the other hand have gotten to call me often with those words. :) I went out and got the goats and held them until they came to get them.

I am actually in the middle of cleaning the kitchen. I took a short break to sit down and thought I would write a post. I have Christmas carols playing in the background. My house is a huge disorganized mess. I am waiting to get the base board put up on the new wall. Then I will scoot the furniture for that wall in place. I need help moving the piano out from the other wall to paint. I have stuff sitting on one end of my dining room table waiting on the room to be done. I hope some things get done this weekend.

My Dad and Alice will be going back to Florida next week. :( I don't blame them, but I will miss them. We got to see them quite a bit this summer, for which I am thankful. We are going to see them at least once more before they leave.

We will be going to Michael's parents for Thanksgiving dinner. I will take the green beans and my Mom's Cranberry Jello Salad. I am not sure what else. We supply the turkeys as well, but don't cook them.

Well, it is back to the kitchen to continue on. Have a great weekend!!!


Boysaplenty!! said...

What a funny story! I could just picture that goat running alongside Joshua! Don't you wonder what the goat must have been thinking? Thanks for sharing!

Peggy said...

I loved reading about the goats! Sounds like you are very busy with projects. Have a blessed weekend!