Saturday, October 25, 2008

Make It Yourself

I was sharing with Elizabeth about making homemade cleaning products. I was going to share recipes with her, but then decided to tell her about a book that is worth buying. I also found it on for as cheap as 75 cents. Ebay had several copies for $1.00.

It is called Cheaper and Better by Nancy Birnes. It has all sorts of recipes to make stuff at home. Here are the chapters....

Pantry stockers
Convenience Foods
Snacks & Sweets
Gourmet & Gift Ideas
Beverages, Wines, and Liqueurs
Health and Personal Care Aids
Household Cleaning Supplies
Clothing Care & Closet Items
Gardens, Pets & Pests
High-Tech Toys
Children's Play & Rainy Day Items
Craft, Holiday and Decorating Ideas.

It has tons of neat things to do. It helps you to even figure out how much you save. The prices of the current stuff will have to be updated to todays prices, but it is still a very worthwhile book. I thought I would share it with all of you.


amy phillips said...

Im gonna cheek that book out. I like making your own stuff!

Barb J. said...

Thanks for the tip! I going to get this.