Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ho Hum on the Farm

After having Michael off for 11 days, life just seems sort of ho hum these last couple of days. It is cold outside and the sun is not shining. That adds to the whole attitude. The leaves are mostly gone and what is left around here is not very pretty when you aren't wanting to see beauty. Here is a picture of Sunshine and Diligence. I am hoping my three ewes are bred.

Here are some shots of the tree lines around the property.

Some days I am so glad for the company of the dogs. On other days, they get on my nerves. =) If you are ever wondering if 3 dogs are too much, then take it from me... 3 is at least one too many!! I went out in the yard today and they were chewing on this. I have no idea what "this" is. Ginny was here and she wondered if it was a rawhide bone. If it is, I don't know who gave them one.

I have never been a perfectionist in house keeping. However, I have never lived to the point this house seems to get in quite often. We have plain old cement floors (we are waiting until we can afford the floor covering we want). Plus we live on a farm. There always seems to be mud and dirt that gets tracked in. It is almost like a joke to keep a rug clean. It used to be the bathroom rugs, but lately it is the 2 kitchen rugs. I washed the rugs and put them down. They were only down a short while and look.... Who do you think did it? Honestly, it was such a perfect paw print that both Michael and I smiled.

This is probably the culprit. She is so exuberant and full of life. Everthing is done at full speed. We are trying to get her to settle down a bit. When you let her out she greets you with lots of hops and jumps. We are trying to teach her to not jump on people. She tries really hard, but she can barely contain herself. I did get her to sit to take this first picture. Then I had to go through the whole greeting routine. Then she greeted one of the cats.

She does add to my feeling like I live in a pigpen. I let the neighbor children do chores for pay. They have picked up puppy romper room messes several times. It does not take long and the porch looks like this. I left the dogs on the porch for awhile today since it was co-op day. The truck driver has a hard time seeing if the dogs are in the way. Also, the pup tends to jump on people and Belle scares them with her barking. So, I put them on the porch while I unloaded the truck and then put them back on the porch after a short time outside while people come and pick up their order. I keep wondering where all the white stuffing comes from as she has pulled out so much from the dog bed.

Something else that adds to the house looking bad is also a blessing. I wrote a couple of posts ago how we got a mark on our table and the Amish are fixing it for us. In the meantime this is what sits in the house. =) This is the pedastal base for our table.

Normally I crop my pictures to only show you the better parts of our house and property. We are in the midst of remodeling and it is VERY SLOW going. We used to have a store here on one end of the house. When it closed, we use the front area for our poultry pick up days and selling eggs. The middle part is serving as my pantry. It is disorganized and a mess right now. We just moved the washer and dryer into a new area. The old room they were in is my new pantry. We are at the place to finish putting up some drywall and painting. Then I will put the shelves in orderly and get everything set. Until then, I go crazy each time I walk out there. We buy in bulk on anything we can and I also can things here at home. They all go in the pantry.

This is the little store front area. The fridge on the left of the picture holds some of my stuff and the eggs.

This is the new laundry area. We had to tear the drywall off of this wall. Then we are going to extend the studs out at least an inch. The pipes for the bathroom stick out beyond the studs, so there was never drywall on parts of this wall. As I said, things are getting done slowly, but I look around and some times want to run away screaming!!! =) There really is an organized person inside of me. I have just squished her to the back though.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I don't like messes either. We were trying to decide if we should build a house a few years ago or remodel the one we had (which would have taken ALOT) and my main reason for not wanting to remodel was because of the mess and the clutter.

I love your pantry shelves...they are so pretty!

Tina Leigh said...

Well I have been there too & it really stinks. I feel for ya...really. At least you have room. Now what I want to know is if you buy in bulk....then how many oreos are in those 5 gallon buckets in your pantry CAUSE I KNOW THAT HAS TO BE OREOS!! I'm a fat kid & if I was going to buy in bulk I would surely buy bulk oreos! SOOOOOOOO just how many comes in a 5 gallon bucket? I'm hungry!

Annie said...

I know just how you feel, we are remodeling as we can afford it, we want to avoid loans if possible. I used to be more organized but lately I think I have just sort of given up trying! I can clean and organize an area then it just seems to be the new catch all place for the projects (hmmmph), One day we will get where we want to be! I am anxiously awaiting that day!

Ladyfromthewoods said...

As you know, we too are living with things "half-done" and it can really get ya down especially with the holiday season here and so many pretty ideas running through my brain! But, when wrestling with it just last night, I re-realized, hey! the only ones I have to please are my hubby and kids and they certainly don't judge the house or what I'm able to accomplish in a day. After all, they deal with this half-done stuff too. And the only one I need to worry about being judged by is HIM. And half the stuff that I worry about HIM saying is actually just the voice of my Aunt Mae in my head!

So I hope you will continue to not crop your pictures b/c it reminds me that I'm not the only one who is dealing with dirt, dogs, and half-done things! It's an encouragement! I know that you are a beautiful person without having a perfect porch and I'd much rather be like that.

Sharri said...

Thanks for sending the house pics--I think you should look at it with a cup 1/2 full approach--you're making progress! :0)
The pantry shelves are pretty! It will be nice when finished.

Tell Miss Dixie to stay down by kneeing her in the chest--then teaching her to sit. Then praise her and pet her...

Also, I love the song that comes up on your blog--Be Thou My Vision is my favorite song. :0)

Davene said...

Thanks so much for your honesty! I think all of us who have blogs can relate to the temptation to crop the pics and edit the stories so everything looks and sounds good! But life isn't really that way, is it? :)

Those sheep in the first picture are magnificent! What kind are they?

Treaty Line Farm said...

I really like that picture of your sheep, with the tall grass and the pond in the background.