Friday, February 03, 2012

Short on Eggs

We had something getting our chickens.  Sometimes there was a dead chicken there, other times there were feathers and yet other times they would just be gone.  We have not caught whatever it is, but it has not bothered us in awhile either.  I am hoping it has moved on.  

With our chicken numbers down, we are short on eggs for our customers.  I will be keeping my ears and eyes open to find some pullets for sale to add some to the flock.  I ordered twice the number of layer chicks this year than I normally do.  I also ordered them to come earlier than normal.  Our customers love our eggs and we want to be sure to be able to supply what they need.  

Yesterday morning was a bit foggy.  I loved this view. 


Sharri said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your chickens! I hope whatever it is has gone away!

Mary Ann said...

We had a hawk taking our chickens two months ago... our rooster finally fought him to a standstill! We saved the hawk, though.

I love your "cheese cave" and your cheeses look GREAT!

Susanna said...

You have a beautiful Araucana rooster! We had a hawk grab a chicken through the wire a couple months ago, but it hasn't come back.