Friday, February 03, 2012

New Butter Molds Are Here!!

I had a customer ask me if I could find a butter mold that she could use to make sticks of butter with.  I told her I would try.  I found some pretty butter molds, but none that would make a stick of butter or make a pound block that could be cut into sticks of butter.  We have a friend who is a true craftsman with wood.  We asked him if he would make some butter molds for us.  He agreed and he delivered the first three to us this week.  

These butter molds are of heirloom quality.  They will be passed down to the next generation.  They hold approximately a pound of butter in a block.  This can be easily cut into four sticks.  
He brought us two made out of White Oak.  The plunger handle on all of them are Red Oak.  If you click on the pictures and make them bigger you can see more detail.  The ends are dovetailed for stability, but they also add a beautiful touch. 

This one is already sold.  It is made from Hard Maple. 

He will be making more for us and he wants to try other woods.  These are available in the store.

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