Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What the Day Brings!

Last night my sweet husband brought me home these beautiful yellow roses.  They really brightened up my evening and my day today.  

 I was supposed to have 2 friends drop by for a visit today, but here is how the day began.  

Both friends called and decided this was not a day to be out on the roads.  I figured I would sit by the fire and stay cozy.  A little bird told me that I might have visitors after all.  I watched and waited and here they came.
 All five of the Wonderful Neighbor children came over with a bag of valentines for both my husband and I.  They had each made us a valentine and they sent a lollipop!!  :)  I did not get a picture of all five of them while they were here.  I should have.  

Then later on, Skye began to bark and let me know that someone was outside.  Some of them had come back and built me some snow people.  I think it is a snowman doing a cart wheel.  :)  
I can always count on these Wonderful Neighbors for snowmen in the winter time.  :)  I truly enjoy them and love those Wonderful Neighbors!!


Sharri said...

Your flowers are gorgeous!
Love those neighbor kids--they're so creative, thoughtful and adorable!

Susanna said...

How sweet! Looks like you had quite an ice storm.

The Neighbor Girl said...

funny thing about the side-ways snowman (snow gymnast;)) ...they can't fall over! lol


Vicki said...

Maybe a cart wheel and a back bend!:)
I have been reading about your farm and thoroughly enjoying it! Especially your chicken page. :)


Maria said...

LOVE the roses!!!