Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Full house for Christmas

The above picture was taken last year in December, right after Joshua had asked Brittany to marry him. This is almost all of Brittany's family. Her oldest brother was not there and the new baby sister that was born 28 hours before the wedding this past October, wasn't there. Her family is coming this year again. We are so thrilled. They are truly family to us and we all made it official by having our son and their daughter marry. Her whole family will be coming tomorrow and spending some time with us. I am so excited. Last year they did not come until after Christmas. I am so excited to have a houseful of children and people. They are leaving tonight. Please pray for their safe travel and also please pray for Brandon, the oldest. He had a motorcycle accident and has a wounded leg. They are coming with the doctors approval, but I am sure he would love for you to pray that he have a comfortable trip.


LadySnow said...

So glad they are able to make it. :D

Lynn Bartlett said...

Enjoy yuor Christmas celebration and thanks for everything!

Perri said...

Marci, enjoy your full house. It will be fun with the baby there this year.

Have a wonderful Christmas, friend.

Anonymous said...

Hello Marci,
Yes, we are praying for a safe trip. Glad that they got off and on their way. We are praying for Brandon as well.

The Hopes

TNfarmgirl said...

Praying here, for love, laughter, fun and lots of productive conversation.
Many blessings and much love,