Sunday, December 28, 2008

Friends, Family & Togetherness

We have really been enjoying our company. It seems each day is filled with an excitement all its own. Here are a couple of the boys with their baby sister. This was on Christmas morning.

The girls were given matching dresses and tights.

We all managed to get around the table for Christmas dinner. The oldest son stayed on the couch because of his leg.

One night we made pizzas. I got to use my snowman and gingerbread man pan for the children's pizzas.

The little one was fresh from her bath and wanted to help her big sister make pizzas. We gave her a little pan for her to make a pizza in. That was the most rolled out dough in history I think. Rolling was the most fun part.

They were giving the baby her first lesson in pizza making.

I have truly enjoyed holding the baby. She is VERY cuddly!!!!

This morning we woke up without power. No power equals no water in my house. :) Friends lent us their generator. The power is back on now.

6 comments: TN said...

Marci, What a wonderful Christmas you have had. I loved the pictures. I can tell you were in your element! I want a pizza snowman pan!

Sharri said...

Looks like you're having a wonderful time!
The children are so adorable!
And that baby! I'll bet you're in your glory! LOL

Give them all a hello from us--and enjoy your time together!

LadySnow said...

That baby is absolutely adorable! I see Josh is hiding in one of the pictures. And I see the family still had their pizza night. Every Friday if I remember correctly from what Brit has told me. :-) Too bad about the power, but at least it's back on. At least you have a source of heat.

Perri said...

I knew you would love having that baby around. I love the pizzas!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

What a gorgeous family you have!

Patty said...

what could be better than to have a baby to cuddle for Christmas !
Love the pizza's and the girls in matching dresses