Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Farm and Home Stuff

Well, our tree is up. I still have not put the bows on it. The skirt is askew in this picture. I think we had just put water in the base. Our tree this year is VERY thirsty. We have wood heat and it tends to really dry the air out. We do keep a humidifier going and we also have a kettle and a pot with water on top of the wood stove.

In the last couple of weeks we got Molasses and Clover bred. Buttercup is due to calve in May and the other two will calve in September. Clover has never freshened yet (that means had a calf and come into milk). I hope she does as well as the other two.

Our sheep are really going through the hay. We want to take the ram to the auction this weekend, but have to work out transportation for that. We also have some ewes to deliver to a friend. I am praying that God will work out a way for us to do this. We really need a truck. We have always had Joshua and his truck here and now with him being married and not living on the farm, it is not always available. A truck is not in the budget though, so God will have to provide other means right now for us to transport animals. I believe He can handle that. :) I am not totally sure which ewes I am getting rid of. I would rather keep them all, but we can't afford to have to buy hay for them all through out the entire winter. With the drought the last two years we got very little hay and what we did get is not that good.

I want to work on our beehives. They need cleaned up and maybe repainted. We lost all of our bees and I would like to get more.

We also need to go out and do some more clean up in the garden. We will be glad we did if we are still here in the spring.


Peggy said...

as always you are so busy! I can close my eyes and smell your tree from here. Hope you have a relaxing day soon

Jonathan said...

Hi Marci,
Jim is working on doing better with bees this year. We didn't have any last year, and now are interested in trying a Russian queen bee for the hive. I think he will try to improve the quality of the hive, and not so much on harvesting honey. There's so much to learn. We have to borrow a trailer whenever we move animals, but I guess if we ever did move goats they could be transported in the back of the truck -- IF the truck was working!

Lynn Bartlett said...

I should have looked -- I blogged as Jonathan!

Unknown said...

I hope and pray your find transportation for your ewes. Your Christmas tree is lovely.
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