Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another Give Away!!!

Franklin Springs Family Media is giving me the honor of being able to share a DVD with one of you. So here is how it will work. Click on the logo above and go to their website and look at all of their DVD's. Then come back and let me know which DVD you would want to win and why. You will have until December 31st at midnight EST to leave a comment on this post. Be sure and tell me not only which DVD you would like, but why you chose that one. Please only one entry per family!! :) Also, if you decide to make a purchase while looking at their site, I will get credit if you use the logo/link above!!!

Also, be sure you give me some way to get a hold of you if you win. If your name is a link to your blog I will use that. If you just fill in your name, then leave me an email address or something. Thanks!!

Just so you will know this will be a give away of one single DVD, not a set. Be sure and leave the reason why you chose the one you did!!!!


Anonymous said...

Marci, I would love the Nancy Campbell dvd The Family Meal Table.. Because this is an area that I need help in. We have never in 20 years of marriage sat around the table on a daily basis. only special occasions. I feel terrible about it but need help.. I want to make memories with my kids- and don't want them to make the same mistakes I have with their own families.

Anonymous said...


I would love to have Measure Twice, Cut Once! I've got the three little boys who would LOVE to watch it with their best friend, Isaac, then head outside to Measure Twice and Cut Once!!! We've got a stack of wood and a bucket of nails and hammers waiting!

Dana in Tn, from Homestead Heaven list

Lisa said...

I would like Pull Up a Chair. In the past, I have purchased the other music DVDs offered by Franklin Springs and they have been a huge blessing. I'm interested in this one because of the music and because I'd like to see how a family lives in an RV traveling around the country.

Lisa in NM
Homestead Heaven list

Anonymous said...

They have so many things that could be such a blessing to our family. I had a hard time deciding between 2 but chose The Journey Home. It looks so wonderful. We are trying to start living a more simple way of life, count on the world around us for less. I think the could be a great help to us.

Great giveaway! Thanks, Carrie

Anonymous said...

I have some of their movies and love them! I want the new ones with the West ladies after having seen them in some of the other films. I know they would be a joy to watch. (And share!) As far as one film goes, it would be "A Journey Home". It is a very sweet movie that many could benefit from these days. It is so inspiring. Thankyou for the opportunity. My email is

Audrey said...

Oh, what choices ... and to narrow it down. For the family's choice, I would choose Still Standing: The Stonewall Jackson Story, as he is one of our heroes of the faith. He was a faithful man and a encourager to the many that served under him. He also exemplified what a Godly husband is to be.

Klasse Woods Natural Farm said...

We already have a number of the Franklin Springs films - they are all great! However, we do not have and would love to have Full House Blessing - I grew up in a family blessed with two "special blessings".

My sister, just 3 years younger than I, this Fall at the age of nearly 41 years has now gone to her eternal joy - having blessed us and many more with her bright cheerful countenance ... to the glory of God & Jesus Whom she loved with a visible radiance. She never spoke a word, but her testimony lingers & we marvel at her impact on her world.

Thanks, Marci!
Darlene from live n learn farm at gmail dot com

SimpleFolk said...

Oh, what a generous giveaway! Goodness, how could anyone choose just one? They all look so wonderful!

When Robin Prays really stands out to me. One of my dearest friends gave birth to a precious daughter with Down Syndrome several months ago. Before she was even born, the Lord spoke to my friend's heart and said that this baby would be used of Him. I'm sure that she will. She has already blessed my life in the few short months that she has been here. :-)

Anyway, I thought perhaps this movie would be a blessing and encouragement to my friend and her family. Thank you for the chance to win it!


Barb J. said...

I would love to have the Homestead Blesings collection by the West Ladies.I first heard them sing "Green Beans in the Garden" on YouTube and thought they were wonderful! I have since seen them online in many places.

We are working on becoming a homesteading family, and this collection would be a blessing. If I had to pick one of the collection I would probably choose "The Art of Soapmaking." I am currently collecting what I need to begin making my own soap, and having the advice of the West Ladies would great!

Of course, if the collection is not part of the giveaway, I would greatly enjoy "Inherit the Land: Adventures on the Agraria Journey." I know my family would be blessed - and encouraged - to hear the stories of other families who have experienced the joy of working the land.

Thank you, and Franklin Springs, for offering this wonderful giveaway!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

An incredible give-away! I pick the Ten Pack library Collection so I can share.
God's blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.

Anonymous said...

Hello Marci,
I would love to have the Homestead Blessings - The Art of Soap Making. I have always wanted to learn how to make our own soap. I also have some of their films and they have all been such a delight to our family.
Michele Hope

Sonja said...

I just found this site from the Franklin Springs site sent to me by an online friend. I was talking about living "off grid" and she mentioned their video "Inherit the Land". I would love to check out that one.

Pretty site. Thanks for having a contest! :)
Sonja A.

Unknown said...

Hello Marci,

My name is Danny Stricklan we live in East Tennessee, I am married ,wife debbie, and have 2 great children hunter 9, Shekinah 7. I have been working in the home building biz for around 7 years and killing myself for things of this world. Today I made an offer on a farm here and we are on "our Journey Home." We are born- again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ but we have go so entangled in the "stuff" we have forgot about who He is and who we are.

Our Journey home to a simple life starts in a few months as we move to the farm life. We are a family that has Ipods,Blackberrys,high speed everything, laptops,GPS, 4 cell phones,xobx,WII, but we have no family.

I desire the film "Our journey home" because we are leaving behind all of this "stuff" and are starting home.. Please pray for us as we learn to walk by faith, love each other, love our Savior. We are surrendering to his will and I cant wait to give you the update.

Danny Stricklan and family

SimplyFabulous said...

I would love the "Rejuvenate with Serene" dvd. We have a struggle with trying to eat healthy in our home. I have a 5 yr old son who weighs 90lbs, as much as his almost 10 year old sister. I have trouble finding healthy meals that he enjoys. I like that is says it will change the way you think about food. I think that is what is needed to succeed when you are trying to eat better - to totally change the way you are thinking about eating.

Wimberly Farms said...

I would love to have the Eden Stings Quartet dvd because I have a daughter who adores playing her guitar. I think this dvd would be very motivating for her to see other girls her age using their talent for the Lord.


Teresa said...

Just wanted to say Happy New Year to you, Marci!