Monday, January 21, 2008

This N That

This weekend the temperature dropped down to somewhere between 0 and 5 degrees depending on what thermometer you looked at and who you listened to. =) I just know it was VERY cold. Joshua was in Florida and we had to go pick him up at the airport around midnight Saturday night. It took awhile for the truck to get warm and for us to warm up on the trip. The timing was perfect though. He called us to tell us they had just landed when we were still at least 10 mins. away from the airport. He had come outside to wait and was only out there about 30 seconds when we pulled up. While we were stopping to let him in, a man came out of the airport wearing shorts (probably coming from Florida on Joshua's flight) and he turned around and went right back into the airport. The sun is shining again today. It is currently 23 degrees. My fire is not doing so well, so it feels cold in the house.
We have good friends who live in Virginia. They built their own house and are still doing the finishing touches. It is the house that ebay built. They got so much of the stuff for their house on ebay. When we visited them last spring I was asking her what she got off of ebay. She told me that it would be easier to for her to tell me what she didn't get off of ebay. All of their doors, cabinets, appliances, fans, flooring, etc. all came from ebay. They bought a lot of their furniture and sinks, etc. from ebay as well. They bought a new piece of furniture here in Ohio, so they picked it up and stopped here on Sunday. We got to spend the evening with them and then they spent the night and left this morning. They are real down to earth folks and we always love to spend time with them. It is never long enough.
You can see the ice/snow fringe around the pond in this picture and the little line of snow on a tiny ridge in our pasture. The grass is a dry brown. The blue sky was sure nice to look at.
Dixie has the most intense stare. She will just stare at you for the longest time.
This little piggy was my Mom's. She had it from before she was married. They would have celebrated their 55th anniversary last September, so this little piggy is OLD. He has been broken and glued back together. She gave him to me (she was going to throw it away and I rescued him) when I was a teenager. Someone saw him at my house and they bought me something with a pig on it. Then it started. The flood gates were opened and I received pigs from everywhere and in all forms. I did not set out to collect pigs, but it evolved. When I moved from Florida, I got rid of lots of my pigs. I was trying to delcutter and pare down to move. I told my friends and family that I needed nothing. If they were going to buy me something I really only wanted something I could use, not a knick knack.
I had gotten rid of so much stuff when I moved up here to Ohio. It was nice to not have so much to dust or deal with. With a possible move coming up this year, I am looking around at all the STUFF that is everywhere. I need to pare down again. I need to spread the word again that I don't need anything.


Unknown said...

So! That is the pig that started it all... LOL! It is certainly a cute one and such a nifty history. :-D

LadySnow said...

That pig is adorable! It sure has been cold the past few days.

Lynne said...

Hi Marci, just curious....where did you live while you were in Florida, and where might you be moving to this year?

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I collected pigs for awhile too...when me moved into our new house, they all went into boxes and I haven't done anything with them yet but store them.

Mary said...

You little pig is so cute and a vintage piece. Collections can snowball easily. About 15 years ago, I bought a little cow and then my grandsons started giving me cows. I have a lot of little cows that sit on my kitchen window sill. I really would like to get rid of them but they were gifts, so feel I have to keep them. I'd like a change from cows in my kitchen. LOL


Anonymous said...

Hi Maric great pictures..I used to collect pigs too.. We have had cold weather and where is your snow??? I can share..have a good day...
Blessings haflinger/sister Brenda