Thursday, January 24, 2008


~*~ This is edited in to let you know how cold it is this morning. It is 8:30AM and currently -2 with a wind chill of -8. ~*~

Wow, it keeps getting very cold. We have seen lows predicted for tonight anywhere from four to nine. It is currently 5 degrees while I am sitting here. =) So far, the animals are all doing well. We are very thankful to God for watching over them. Our pond is frozen and it was really full because of the rain. People may want to ice skate on it. Many of the ones around here actually go to the rink to skate. They are too high tech for the old farm pond. =) I value my bones. I don't put skates on. We did get a little snow this morning and had one squall this afternoon.

I think of the old days when you lived out like we do. You had to get water from your well or a stream or pond. You would have to chip the ice around here. All of our animals have buckets that heat up enough that the water can't freeze. We have a trough heater in both troughs. It does not really make the water warm, but it won't freeze over on them. I have thought it would be nice to make them a tad warmer. I bet they would love a drink of warm water when it is frigid outside.

Everyone is in bed here except me. I am getting ready to head in that direction. I was just catching up on a few things. I am starting a knitting project. I will have to take a picture of Ginny's knitted sampler. I am making one now. It shows you all the different stitches and stuff. They it shows you an easy way to make a sweater. I am hoping to get one made some day. I would love to make one out of my sheep's wool. A nice brown one.

Yesterday was co-op day. The truck came bright and early. I was able to get everything sorted with Ginny's help and get my paperwork done early. Then people come in through out the afternoon to pick up their order. We order from Frankferd Farm Foods. They are a great company to work with.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

It has been extrememly cold here too! We have water fountains for the livestock with heaters in them but when it's this cold and the wind blows, sometimes they do freeze over. So far the tractors that we use to feed with have been starting so that's good!

Reviekat said...

BRRRR - freeze Marci!! We were supposed to have ice storms here last night but just managed to get some very cold drizzle instead. But still, it's a good day for tomato soup and a fireplace!

Paula said...

Whew! That temperature will make your bones freeze!! I'd be right beside with you on the bank of pond (next to the fire) while the rest of them skate! Thanks for checking on me. Please check out my blog today. There's a message there for you!!

The Sisters said...

Wow,That is FREEZING! Hopefully it has warmed up by now!

~Have a great day!~