Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sunny But Cold

Today I spotted a UFO!!! It was the sun! =) In Ohio during the winter, the sun is a welcome, but rare friend. It is currently 27 degrees and a beautiful sunshiney day. It is supposed to stay fairly cold. The low on Saturday night without the wind chill is going to be 4 degrees. We don't mind it dipping that low as long as it does not stay down there.

Our only heat source is wood. I have to keep my fire cranked to make the house warm. If I get too cold, I sit in my rocker which is by my stove. Here are our calves. They have a warm wooly coat, but they are out enjoying the sunshine today.
Here is Charity down by the pond. You can see the ice around the edges of the water.
Here are Sunshine and Diligence. They heard me come out and wondered if a treat was coming. Sorry to disappoint you this time guys!!


Patricia said...

I just love sheep... and the clouds in your top picture are lovely!

Pearl said...

Ohio is very gray. Here in Cincy we do not have snow sticking so it is cold and gray. Even when it warmed up it was still kinda gray. I am looking forward to spring.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it WAS a beautiful day in the neighborhood! :-D

LadySnow said...

Oh how I wish we had a wood burner!

Anonymous said...

Brrrr...that's too cold for me!

Sharri said...

If it's gonna be that cold on Sat.--your dh is going to be busy keeping that stove cranked up! :0)

Needle, Thimble and Thread said...

Greetings from Liberty Star Farm over in Alexandria. We are a homeschooling family on a 15 acre farm. I'm looking forward to coming back later after lessons are done for the day.

Have a wonderful day!

Do you sell wool from your sheep?

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

We see the sun alot but it's been cold here....3 degrees below zero this morning ang the wind is blowing a little too. Supposed to be 30 40 below with the wind chills the next few days.

Patty said...

Great pictures Marci

::Mars:: said...

Having it in writing makes the temps seem much more real. Brrr! I can't wait for spring to come! Marlene

The Sisters said...

We enjoyed looking at these pic's Marci!

Have a great week ahead!


Mary said...

Beautiful photos. I enjoyed seeing all of your animals. They look like they're all bundled up in their fur coats.

Thanks for sharing. I've enjoyed my visit.