Friday, January 11, 2008

Photo Contest

Emily is having a baby photo contest on her blog. Now she mentioned some things she is looking for in the pictures that means you were not a baby when you had them, like a flip at the end of your hair. Also, she posted several older pictures of herself. So, here is my sampling of me.

**This is edited to add the next few pictures. I finally saw what she gives extra points for. =)
My hair would never do anything..... still won't. My Mom had such a time with my hair and pictures. The little owl pin in the picture on the right was from Avon. It had perfume in salve like form in it.

I ought to win points just for the outfit on the right.

Again, notice the hair in both pictures. You can click on them to make it bigger. The sweater on the right hand side had a think like an elephant tail hanging down in front. I think this hair was after a night of pin curls. OUCH!!!!!

I am really styling in this picture with my Dad. This would be in the early 60's.

My Mom loved the cupie doll hairdo on her babies. Here I am in one of my Mom's favorite "mirror" pictures.
The old blanket over the hear picture.....
Look at that bonnet. My Mom tried to make me a little lady, but with 4 brothers I was a tomboy.
Here I am with my 2 older brothers. I still have this little red dress. My niece had her picture made in it as well. I love my brother Mark's bowtie!! =)
Now, the "flip" is in this picture. You can see it better in the next one. Wow, was my skirt short. This is on the front porch of our house. Love the plaids and stripes in the second one.

Here is how I looked through most of my teen years.
Here I am at graduation in 1976. That is my Mom and my Grandma.

Since this is a "Farm" blog, I thought I would post a few farm items as well. The pigs went to the butcher this week. One less chore to deal with. We are about out of pork, so this is really good timing. Someone is coming to look at our ram on Saturday. I am hoping he wants him and will take him on Saturday. Our hay supply is going to run short this year, and the more we can get rid of animal wise now, the better. The little wethers (sheep) will be going to the butcher March 19th.


Anonymous said...

Aww! How sweet! :-D

I like the mirror picture best of all.

MaryLu said...

That short skirt fit into my Mom's criteria--longer than your fingers held down at your sides. So you're okay.

Kate said...

I love the picture of you and your Dad. He looks so cool! Great pictures.
It was fun looking around at your blog.

carrie said...

Those were some classy pics! Loved the cupie doll hair.

Kelli said...

Those are the sweetest pictures, Marci! You were an adorable little girl!

Constance said...

OKAY, your flip is the best I have seen so far! The cupie hairdo, can't top that one either. I think you might be the winner!

ConservaChick said...

I think Emily is right... you are just adorable... no humilation factor in these photos. I like that you added some farm info at the bottom to stay true to your blog's theme. I live on a farm too, but never write about it... actually we just live on it... not farm it, so there isn't that much to write. ~Karlie