Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You Are What You Eat.... Eeeewwwww

I have had several people ask me about moving. We are trying to move to the Knoxville, TN area. We have talked about moving to NC, TN, or VA for years. Joshua and Brittany are going to be moving to the Knoxville area per her parents request. We would like to be near them. It will be easier for Joshua to move if we go. We are trying to get some things done on the house to get it ready to sell if God wills it. Everyone concerned agrees that we all want what God wants and are open to that. Joshua will have to re-establish himself down there. It would be hard to start out again in a new area without some help. Michael will also have to find a job down there. It is a lot to have happen, but we are leaving it in God's hands and doing what we can.
One of the things I wanted to do to the house was to turn part of what used to be the store into a mud room. Living on a farm with poor grading leaves a lot of mud coming into the house. Our friends from Florida were coming and we remember last year that there was a big people clog at the door when everyone comes in. They are all trying to stay by the door to take off their boots and coats. This left no room for those coming in behind them. We got a few of the ideas in place before they came from Florida this year. We hung up two 2 X 4's (one high and one low) and put hooks on them for coats. It was a life saver. There was already a long carpet runner right in front of this. We also put in a bench that used to be in the store for people to sit on and to put boots and shoes under. The coats below all belong to us. The little gray and red one was Joshua's when he was little. I had friends give me other small size snow pants and jackets for the smaller ones coming from Florida. I left them all hanging out there. I wish all the little people they fit were still here. =)I run a co-op. We buy from several different companies and then people come here to get their orders. I have a small fridge out in the store area for the cooler items that are ordered. I was looking at some of the items people ordered. Most everything would be on the healthy side. Somethings are not really anymore healthy than what is available in the grocery store, but it is handy to order it and pick it up with your other items. The two cheese logs you see in the picture below could be purchased just about anywhere that sells cheese in bulk. I think the price is a bit better than a grocery store as well. The box is a case of yogurt smoothies that someone ordered. A smoothie is a yogurt like drink. They are organic. The cans of drink on the bottom are organic ginger ale. We like to keep some of these on hand because they have real ginger in them. Most of the ginger ale sold in stores no longer have ginger in them. The ginger is so good for an upset stomach. This is organic sour cream from grass fed cows.
I like that I am able to purchase some of these items. Most of what is in this fridge is not mine. It is getting harder and harder to be able to know what is in what you are buying. In Pennsylvania they just passed a law. Monsanto makes a growth hormone that they give to cows to give more milk. Many people do not want that in their milk. Different companies picked up on that and were advertising that their product was growth hormone free. We have "free speech" in this country. They are not saying anything bad about Monsanto. They are just letting us know what is not in their milk. However, Monsanto did not think that we the people needed to know so they took it to court and the sad part is they won. Those companies are no longer allowed to let us know what is not in their milk. The FDA just made it OK to sell the meat from cloned animals. I am against this, but if someone wants to do that, it is their right. However, it does not have to be labeled as such. Now, we raise our own meat right here on the farm. What about when you go out to dinner though? You will have no idea what you are eating. Raw almonds are so good for you. A law was passed last year that all almonds have to be pasteurized before they can be sold. Some of them are heat pasteurized, but some use another method. I am trying to study it out, but it looks like they use a substance that is proven to not be too good for humans. Here is an excerpt from this article.
"Raw' almonds aren't, really
The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently required that all almonds produced in the United States be pasteurized, including nuts labeled "raw." The rule went into effect September 1, despite protests from health-conscious consumers who prefer unprocessed nuts and small-scale growers who can't afford the equipment, which costs between $500,000 and $2.5 million.
The move follows two salmonella outbreaks attributed to raw almonds in 2001 and 2004. Critics of the rule point out that both incidents were the result of faulty practices at large-scale commercial farms. Small-scale and sustainable practices - including mowing and mulching to control weeds, instead of using chemical herbicides - naturally prevent the spread of harmful bacteria more effectively than post-harvest treatment, they say.
The Almond Board of California, a governing body representing all almond growers in the state, pushed for the change. Small growers complain that the board disproportionately represents the needs of the large producers."

What can we do? Do we find a network of people to barter and trade with? I know that local is better anyway. I would love to hear what y'all think of this. By the way that article is well worth the read.

It is another sunshiney day here in Ohio. It is in the mid to high 20's. We got a covering of snow yesterday.


LadySnow said...

It can be so hard sometimes to know what to do. People want to give their family good/natural/whole food and the government seems to take that away.'s almost impossible to afford! oh.....well.....If/when you move...I will be very sad. You will be greatly missed. :D

Peggy said...

Oh I am so excited you might be moving near Knoxville! My eldest daughter lives not far from there and my 2 other daughters live in the mountains of NC so I might get to meet you in person one day!!

VoiceInTheWilderness said...

I, too, am excited to hear you may be moving to Knoxville.... I grew up there, still have family there, and only live a couple of hours away!

Anonymous said...

I think it is great that you are moving to be near Joshua. I live in NC not that far from Tenn. I do have to say that the price of land and homes here in the mountian of NC are high. But I do know that Western TN has some great places and they are not as regulated as NC is. Good luck on the move.