Thursday, January 31, 2008

I am NOT getting sick!

This is the time of year that flu and other sickenesses go around. So far I have escaped them all. I woke up at 3AM this morning with a bad headache and a scratchy throat. Those are 2 things going around up here. The throat is not sore, just scratchy and dry feeling. Many people that get this get a cold afterwards. The headache is what is a real pain (pun intended). I have had it all day. I am hoping it is gone by tonight.

Here is a picture of my knitting sampler. I am farther along than I thought I would be.

I got a wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday from a friend. She made a felted bag for me. Here is a picture of it.


Teresa said...

Marci, I'm sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather. If you do get sick, I hope it is mild and short.

Your sampler looks great! I look forward to the time when I can learn to knit, probably 10 years from now.

I really enjoyed your posts on homesteading. You are an excellent writer!

Pearl said...

I hope that you're feeling better. I prayed for your health today. It is very icy in Cincinnati. Schools were canceled and as I was going to babysit I got bumped off the road. I was not really hurt, no damage to the car, just the air bag popped out. So now I am waiting at the dealer as the put the air bag back in. The Lord is so good to keep me safe.

LadySnow said...

What a great bag. Sure hope you feel better. Titus is sick today. I sure hope everyone is well so we can take our trip Monday.

Sharri said...

Oh no! I hope that you avoided the plague! It's not like you to be sick!
I loved your new purse--esp. the purple-of course! :0)
And your knitting is wonderful--hope we live near each other some day so you can teach me! :0)

Anonymous said...

Your sampler is simply loverly, darling. :-D I got home just in time for the arctic blast!

I thank the Lord for fire.