Monday, January 14, 2008

Farm Livin' Is The Life For Me

We were told there might be a light snow last night. We were all surprised to see the ground white when we looked out this morning. It has snowed on and off all day. There is a good inch on the ground and they are calling for more tonight. When I went out to do my chores this morning, I took the camera with me. Here are some pictures of our sheep. I love the light brown fleece on this one closest to the camera.
I think this little guy wanted to make sure I got his picture.
These 2 little guys are waiting for me to pass them some grain. We normally only feed our sheep hay and grass. However, with the drought this summer, the pastures were not so good and the hay is not so good. We are giving them a bit of grain each day as well.
They too are waiting on this lady to hurry up with their feed. =)
These are my ewes. Sunshine is facing the camera. Charity is showing you her backside and you can barely see Grace in the background.
Here is Diligence the ram we used this year. He has lived up to his name well. He is very diligent in watching over his ladies.
Here are the 3 ladies again. Sunshine is the one sporting the lovely red earring. Charity is beside her with Grace in the background.
The dogs went out for a bit. I looked and their backs and head were covered in snow. The picture does not show it very well.
This is Star out surveying the area this morning.
Belle is checking out the side yard.
It is a lot prettier out here when there is snow on the ground.


Kelli said...

Your sheep look so sweet and friendly and what a beautiful snowfall you got too!

Sharri said...

You lucky dog! We were supposed to get a coating--we not nuttin' honey! :0)

The sheep are so cute! :0)
I like the one that's brown and white.

p.s. stop hoggin' all the SNOW!

LadySnow said...

So glad we got snow today!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I love when you share photos with us! We don't raise sheep so I don't get to see them very often....very few raised around here! I forget how cute they are!

HsKubes said...

Aw, the sheep, the dogs, the snow... I love it! I sure love seeing all of your photos of your farm life. ;o)

~ Christina