Monday, November 06, 2006

Are you a Cackling Hen?

This kitten is a butterball. I am not sure what all he is eating, but I hope the mother cat is feeding it mice. My son named it Gino. We had a cat that he really liked named Ginny, but she got run over, so this is her male namesake. He thinks he belongs wherever the dogs do. You really have to watch when you open the door for the dogs to come in. This little goof comes prancing right in with them.

This morning when I went out to do chores, I was especially aware of the sounds. The wind was blowing and I could hear the dry leaves still on the tree rattling together. You could barely hear the clip clop of horse hooves over the rattle of the steel wheeled wagon the Amish were pulling down the road. Then when I got to the goat shed, the hen you see above was in a crate in the milk parlor. She has just started to lay and she was settling in for today's output. The goat feed can is just over to the right of where this picture was taken. I was trying not to disturb her while she was getting ready to lay. I moved really slow and stayed as far from her as I could. I was filling the second goat feeder when she started moving off the nest. From that point until I was done out there, she fussed and fumed at me. =) I believe she may have been cussin' a blue streak. She would jump back up in the window ledge above this nest to see if I was done yet and out of her way and then she would fuss louder, because I was still there. I even offered her some grain. She was too busy making her unhappiness known to even see there was grain there. She missed a blessing. When I finished, she was outside the goat shed in the pasture still a fussin' for all she was worth. You can see her to the right and behind the goats in the third picture.

It makes me think about how often when we are disturbed , we start a fussin' and a fumin' because we think we have been put out. When all along, if we had stayed quiet and resting all would have been well and we would have received a blessing. I would not have harmed that hen, or even attempted to touch her. She was a worry wart and it ruined her morning. Are you ever a cackling hen? I know there are times I am. I need to remember to rest and wait and allow the Lord to work.

Here is a current picture of what our woods look like. What leaves are left are mostly brown and already dry.


Tina Leigh said...

YES I'm a cackling hen I admit it! I cant believe how much your woods have changed! Love the kitty!

Moobear said...

I am a "less than I used to be" worry wart and I know for a fact that things go so much smoother when I don't be a worry wart. I am really working hard on that, but am thankful I have come a long ways. I am trying hard now to learn to relax as I never have been able to. I appreciate your blog cause it always give me something to work with. I know the Lord has brought me this far and will continue til with his help I get it all under control. Less frenzy,less tizzy.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Marci; You have so much wisdom on your blog page. Seems like you are writing just for me many times.
I'm surprised to see the beautiful kitty. I thought you didn't have a favorable feeling for kitties.
Keep up with your wise words.

May God Bless you and yours

Joy TN said...

Marci, I hope I'm not a cackling hen. I try to stay calm because I have found out how you feel in your heart can show up in your body, for your heart and your body are powerfully connected.

Anonymous said...

Marci, we have a hen just like yours. She's broody and we've tried to leave her out with some eggs, but so far we've not been successful in hatching our own eggs. Hopefully someday!

Your kitty is so cute!


Marci said...

Joy, you are right about me and cats. This kitten is Joshua's. He wanted to keep him. We are getting rid of the rest of the cats and keeping the boy.

LadySnow said...

I am surprise you let Josh keep one of the kittens. ;) That is too funny about the hen, but all to true when you apply it to our lives too!

G.P. said...

As a former east coaster, now b&b owner in beautiful big sky country... am very much here like moobear... working hard on it.
Proverbs 3:5-6 for me.

it's a journey...
GP in Montana

Anonymous said...

Marci I sure do like that hen we also have a batam that looks alike yours.. And your woods look like ours now.. I think old man winter is sitting in.. Great pictures as always Marci.. Brenda thecfarm