Thursday, September 17, 2009


Are you a worry wart? What is worry? I heard this the other day and really liked it. "Worrying is like paying on a debt that you might not even owe." This really brought it into perspective for me.

There are many people who worry a lot. If you notice they are sort of negative. They wonder if they will get everything done that they need to (this one I visit often). They worry about finding a mate for their child and how old the child is getting and there is no one around. They worry about how they will pay for something that has to be done. They are always looking for ways to solve their problems, but worrying that they might not be able to.

I know in my life, when I worry, it is simply me not trusting my Heavenly Father. Lets look at the above situations one by one. Worrying if I will get everything done I need to.... I am one person. I have so much time in a day. I will work hard and worst case scenario is that it doesn't all get done that day. I can't manufacture time or extra hands. So, why do I worry about it? I should just keep my nose to the grindstone and do my best. Worrying about finding a mate... I know of several families in this category. They are all searching for a fellowship in their area that has not gone wishy washy. They feel the need to plug in NOW, but God has not led them anywhere. All the worrying and fussing helps nothing, but tear down our bodies. Worry causes stress which is horrible on your body. Worrying about paying for your bills... You have so much money. If there is a true need, then God will provide for you. He promises. If there is nothing you can sell or some way to bring in the extra money, what does the worrying help? Again, NOTHING. So, why do we do it.

Lack of faith. This smacks me in the face all to often. I can talk a big talk, but does my walk match? What do you worry about?


Anonymous said...

Marci, I was wondering if you passed your test. Been thinking about you. Stephanie

Marci said...

Stephanie, Thank you for thinking of me. I am still in the test.

Mosaic said...

I needed that. Wish I had read it a few days ago. You're right, worrying is a lack of trust and faith.

Know what I worry about? How much I worry! I realize that sounds silly, but it's true. Some things are so easy for me to place in His hands, like things that are out of my control anyway. But there are other things, little things, that pick away at me. I need to learn to lay the little things at His feet as well.

Thanks for sharing. :)