Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spring Walk

My day started early today. I called the Post Office at 7AM to see if our chicks were there. They were, so I ran down in Joshua's truck to get them before he had to leave. It is our second batch of meat birds for the year. I walked down to get my mail today and remembered to take the camera with me. We have friends who have 3 jersey steer calves and a miniature donkey. They went out to do their chores this morning and they were all gone. So, I was keeping my eyes open for the run aways. There was something neat to look at no matter which way you looked. I found patches of violets at the edge of the driveway almost the whole way down to the road (we have a long driveway). This first bunch had some spring beauties with them. The next picture was a patch of deep dark purple ones.

There were a couple of dogwood trees blooming along the driveway. I tried to take a picture of the tree, but the sun made the picture too light to really see anything. This picture of one of the blooms turned out. I love to drive around at this time of year. You will see many dogwood trees throughout the woods, especially at the edge of the woods. Some people have pink dogwoods. I love those. There is also a coral colored one. All of mine are of the white variety.

We have these flowers that grow really long stems and then have tiny yellow daisy looking flowers at the top. Here is a picture looking down my road. You will see the yellow all along the front of my property. It is these flowers. They are called coltsfoot. The leaves of the coltsfoot are supposed to be good in a tea for allergies. I love how God has things bloom when they are needed. Several people I know are already starting their spring allergies.

I'm not exactly sure what this next thing is. It was down near the little stream that runs under my driveway. I thought it was a piece of wood, but it did not look exactly like that. I would have gotten quite muddy to go and check it out, so I just took a picture of it. Anyone recognize it as something?

Here is a picture of the spring beauties when they are opened up. They are like a carpet in the woods.

This next picture just shows you how the leaves are all coming out in the woods. You can still see vehicles as they go down the road, but it is harder to tell where the road is when no cars are on it.

Here are some pictures I promised of the May Apples. They spring up in little villages in the jungle... oops, I mean the woods. The children around here call them umbrellas. The middle picture is a close up of one from the top.

By the way, our friend just found their animals a little bit ago and they are home safe and sound.


CONNIE W said...

Is it a fallen hornet's nest ?

Kelli said...

Just beautiful pictures, Marci! I love the picture of your road, it reminds me where I grew up. I sure wish I could go for a walk through your woods! As far as the mysterious thing in the mud, the first thing that popped into my head was a dead armadillo! LOL


LadySnow said...

I don't know about a dead armadillo.... ;) I love dogwood trees those. They are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Your property is so beautiful! I love Ohio in the spring when everything slowly gets leaves or flowers. So pretty, the different colors and shades of green we have here. I have been getting many bouquets lately as our woods are full of dainty flowers and the violets are in the front pasture.

Have a great day, Marci!