Monday, May 21, 2007

Busy, Busy Weekend

We had a lot going on this weekend. On Saturday, we went and picked up 4 jersey bull calves. They were all just a few days old. We delivered one to a friend's house and the other 3 came here. One of those 3 belong to our neighbor. They are so sweet looking. Each year, I am reminded again of just how small and precious they are. I went to get their picture this morning and this is what I found. That is Molasses in the kennel we have in the stall. How she got in there, I will never know. There is a bar that goes across the top of the gate. We use the kennel to keep the little ones in if we need to. Last night, when the neighbor's came over to give their calf a bottle, one of ours would not leave them alone. So, they put him in the kennel while they gave the bottle. It is really handy to have. The cows back is much taller than the bar, so it would have been fun to watch her get in there. We named our 2 new calves names off the list of ideas we got from ya'll on the first one. We now have Hamburger Patrick (the winner of the contest), Stu Beef and Phil A. Mignon or Patty, Stu and Phil for short. =)

These chicks will be going into the field tomorrow night or Wednesday night. These are broilers who will be 3 weeks this week and layers that will be 6 weeks. They get big quick.

My bleeding hearts are doing really well. Here are a couple of pictures of the blooms.

I had to go deliver a death message to the Amish this morning. When I was headed back to my car, this little guy/girl? came out to see me. Aaaawwwwww.... how cute!!!

Sunday we had church here. Then a bunch went to play softball on a local diamond. We watched the movie Peace Child. It is just a short over view of the book by the same title. It was good though.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Marci, Darling,

Your bleeding heart is loverly. I love those! Also, the horsey-babe is sweet. Good pictures!

In Christ,


Peggy said...

Don't you just love baby animals! Glad one is named Stu! Diva finally had her babies (2 bucks)