Saturday, May 05, 2007

Goodbyes and Hellos

Today my two goats went to their new home. We decided that it was the best thing for the farm. The feed costs have almost doubled in the last 5 years. Also, we really did not use the milk for anything but to feed other animals. I cried like a baby when they left and have had a couple of crying spells since then.

The goats were gone about 20 minutes and Michael went up to check up on Molasses. She was in labor and in about 30 mins. gave birth to a bull calf. I took pictures of the actual birth, but my camera is messing up and the first pictures I took are not downloading. =( Here is a picture of the calf's first attempt at standing up.

The 3 steer calves (2 are ours and one is the neighbor's) were hanging around close by. We had to push them away a couple of times. The one on the left is Texas T-Bone. The one in the middle is Sir Loin of Beef and the one on the right is the neighbor's. His name is Bullseye.

Molasses had quit cleaning him off and we wondered if it was because he had some manure on him. I did not have a towel out there, so I used a couple of handfuls of hay to wipe him down. That is why he is covered in hay.

He finally made it up on all 4 feet. I am always amazed at the perfection in God's creation. The Momma animals know just what to do. Then these brand new babies not even an hour old know where to start looking for a meal. How anyone can deny a Grand Creator is beyond me.

Texas T-Bone kept trying to get in close to check out the new guy in the pasture. He was very jumpy while doing it. The baby was very unsteady on his legs and would wobble. Everytime that he moved Tex would jump back out of the way.

I am going to be posting a contest to name the new baby. So be thinking of a good one. Remember, this guy will be hamburger in the fall of 2008. =)


Lady_MSnow said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures Marci! Absolutely amazing. ;)

Peggy said...

Glad the calf was born to help the sadness I know you were having. Hopefully I will be posting pictures soon of new babies! I dreamed last night she had a huge buck and 3 small does. Hope that dream doesn't come true.

Kelli said...

I'm sorry to hear you are missing your goats, Marci, but I'm glad that you have a new little calf to love! What a sweetie! I'll be thinking of a name. Maybe Sirloin? ;0)

ChickenMama said...

Congrats on the new one (and tissues for the goat memories).

I'd have to agree that God has given animals amazing instincts. Hens just know to turn their eggs over to "cook evenly" when setting. Chicks know what their mother's different sounds (like "Look, food!" and "Cat! Runaway!") mean as soon as they hatch. That all amazes me.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Marci, Darling,

Just the thought that you got rid of your goats is making me miss them. I will always remember when I used to milk them. I almost wanted to get them myself when I saw the ad in the paper. heehee Oh, well...

In Christ,

Mrs. M.